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Remembering Rose

Rose Elizabeth Langham August 29, 1982 to February 15, 2010 Westside Christian - class of 2000 Rose's life is a story of beauty and generosity. At her very core, Rose saw beauty in the ordinary and was compelled to add to the beauty in the world through her artistry and creativity. Rose also had a generous nature and spirit that gave until the very end. Because she chose to be an organ donor, she gave the gift of life to four people as she passed from this life to the next. Click here to read more about Rose. But her story does not end here. Rose treasured her experience at Westside Christian High School so much that she said she would sacrifice anything for her future children to have the same opportunity. Her family requested this fund be created because Westside meant so much to her. In response, Westside has created the Remembering Rose Fund to allow Rose's generous spirit to impact many generations of young people. Donations to this fund will be used to assist students who would not otherwise be able to experience the transformational impact of a Westside Christian education. Click here to read about other stories made possible by financial aid supporters. The goal of the Remembering Rose Fund is to give $100,000 annually in student financial aid. Ongoing monthly contributions will allow this fund to be sustainable for the future. Please honor Rose and her family by helping to provide transformative education, creating leaders of purpose for the next generation.

Can I make a gift with a check?

Absolutely! Please make checks payable to Westside Christian High School with Remembering Rose in the memo.