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12 High School Clubs to Consider

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    Art Club

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    Chess Club

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    Engineering Club

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    Fishing Club

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    Fitness For Life

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    International Club

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    Outdoor Adventure Club

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    Racket Club

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    Science Club

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    Ski/Snowboard Club

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    Sneakerhead Club

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    The Hidden Opponent

As your child moves through high school, participation in after-school "clubs" can be a transformational experience.
Now would be a great time to sit down with your child to discuss how to think about after-school opportunities.

How After-School Clubs Can Help!

  • They provide an affinity group to make and cultivate friendships.
  • They provide a signal to colleges about what you are interested in.
  • They provide a path to leadership within an organization.
  • They provide a low-risk way to "test" a fledgling interest in a topic.
  • They provide a structure to start your own club.
In the context of college admissions, "clubs" are considered extracurricular activities because they happen "outside of the classroom." Other extracurricular activities include sports, jobs, music, theater, child care responsibilities, etc.


Considerations before joining a club: 


Don't join a club because you think it "will look good on your resume".

Don't overcommit to too many clubs at once

Don't wait until junior or senior year to join a club.

Don't join a club and then not engage in the activities and events.


Do join a club because you are interested in the topic or mission.

Do join a club to test out your leadership abilities.

Do join a club to create a "path of interest" for colleges.

Do start a club to show initiative and resourcefulness.